Supria Karmakar
Supria Karmakar

The focus of my work is to help people address life matters through both talk and creative arts practices. There is no need to have artistic experience, the use of arts is to facilitate the insights and the art outcome is not the objective. We all have creativity within us, and diverse ways to express ourselves. By a blending of creativity, education, encouragement, support, guidance, and accountability, I hope to help clients feel grounded in their lives. The goal of counselling is to create a forward moving momentum in your life that allows you to live according to your own hopes and dreams.

I have a strong belief in equality and social justice; therefore, I operate from this perspective in all avenues of my work. People’s lives are impacted by many factors, and can be better understood when exploring life from a holistic framework, such as the emotional/mental, social, physical, spiritual and environmental aspects. Together, we will explore healing from all aspects and the focus will be on the strengths that each client comes with, building on these strengths and learning new ways to reach enhanced well being and recovery.

My area of specialty is working with adolescents and adults in the area of trauma, post traumatic stress symptoms, anxiety and depression. I have worked over the last 20+ years in the violence intervention and prevention sector. More recently, I have pursued incorporating the use of artistic and creative expression in the process of healing and recovery.

I am a registered social worker, and have obtained my masters of social work from University of Waterloo, Renison College, and my bachelor of social work from McMaster University. I am registered with the Ontario College of Social Work and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) and am a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW). I have an active artistic practice and use the creative process in clinical work with clients.

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